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A Day in Hobbitton #29

Let me see…we are near our destination now, I think only two more weeks of traveling.  Yes…we are going very slow. 🙂  My nose is doing much better, and my spirits are high.  I finally found a map of middle earth on my laptop, it shows exactly where everything is, it is…rather creepy actually, you humans on earth no a lot about us, it is uncanny, not logical, unrealistic, and do you have a…oh what are those dratted things called that I read up on…just a second I think I will be able to remember…oh yes, transporter beams?  If you do, tell that person called Scotti to stop it, it is just a little weird. 🙂  Legolas’s hair almost stood on end when I found a  picture of someone called   Sean Bean, who looked exactly like Boramir!  It is just unnatural, your world is so…original if that is the word I want, I mean can you name an elf that made up something called an Iphone?  I sure can’t!  Pippin tripped today and got his head stuck in a small hole, we still can’t get him out, we have now resorted to digging, well Legolas and Gimli and Merry have, Saraleen and I have just been watching and trying not to laugh while Pippin’s legs are flying all over the place, he kicked Merry in chin a little while back, lets just say that Merry’s chin is black and blue.  I think they will have him out by tomorrow, it is hard to tell you  how he got his head stuck, it  just is, it is also in a very weird position so if they touch his head wrong…he would laugh because he is ticklish around his neck and choke on a mouthful of dirt.  Which by the way, wouldn’t be very good because he well…dosn’t have the best stomach for dirt. 🙂  It is our donkeys gourmet dish back ome. 🙂



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