A Day in Hobbiton #53

Hello everyone, I am back.  Well there is so much to tell…but first I must say…I have the best friends in the world REALLY!  Without them I would not be doing this post because…I got captured and taken into the Uruk-hai’s new hide out!    Well…I better stop from the beginning so you do not get confused.

After I had to leave my head top back here, we walked around…welllllll…a few hours of walking, Saraleen and Legolas began to look nervous and Gimli had his axe out. 

Pippin:  What is going on Saerwen?

Me:  I don’t know…do you think we are being followed again?

Merry: I doubt that…I mean, we scared those Orks silly!

Pippin: Yes, but what if they…got stronger!?

Merry: In two days Pippin?

Pippin: You don’t know that Merry, there could be more…all over the place!

Merry: …There is that…

Me: You fellows are scaring me.

Saraleen: *holds up finger to her lips*  Shhhhhhh…

Pippin, Merry, and Me:  *stand stock still*

Gimli: *looks sideways*

Legolas: We are being followed.

Saraleen:  We all guessed that.

Legolas:  I did not know if the Hobbits knew.

Merry: We guessed it.

Saraleen: *nodes her head*

Pippin:  What are we going to do?

Legolas: Fight, there is nothing else to do.

Saerwen:  What is following us?

Saraleen: …Urak-hai.

All hobbits: *suck in breath*

Gimli:  Well they are soon to get a taste of my axe.

Pippin: That would taste awful, you never clean it!

Gimli: Shut up!  And be quiet.

Pippin: I am sorry.

Gimli: Just…be quiet.

Urak-hai (hidden from view): If you just give up…I promise no harm will come to any of you.

Legolas:  I apologize for sounding blunt, but I don’t believe you.

Urak-hai (still hidden): I can understand that but you happen to be in out territory.

Suddenly we were surrounded by at least a hundred Urak-hai.


To be continued ->



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Here today gone tommorow

I will be gone for two weeks, do to, that I can’t carry my headtop with me in Mordor, to heavy, we are actually leaving most of our stuff here. 😉 


Saerwen the extremely bummed 🙂

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A Day in Hobbiton #52

Okay, I think I will start right after the last post, just so you don’t miss anything.   Well after my…um…capture and stuff, Legolas started looking a little big worried, and so did Saraleen and  if an elf looks worried…*shudders*  He started making us all walk faster saying stuff like,  “An odor rises for the east” and weird stuff like that. Finally after about an hour of pleading “What is going on!!”  he finally said that Urukahi are following us now.  And I thought they were all dead, well that is what we came for, to see just how many *grimace* orks and *shudder* Urukahi were left.  I lot I guess, I suppose that they just don’t dare venture any farther than here.   But anyway back to the story…

We stopped to make camp…oh…around three hours after my regular sleep time so I was…in your human terms, quite Pooped. 🙂  Gimli kept saying that they (Legolas and Saraleen) were just imagining and that they needed more sleep and maybe a couple good whacks on the head, after this insult Legolas and Gimli got into a friendly game of words.  This took them about ah…fifteen minutes to resolve.  Saraleen told us hobbits that we should be out of the Marshes in a couple of days, so that is a rather heavy weight off of my mind. 🙂  After we slept for two hours (that is what if felt like but it was three) we got up and walked again.  And after we ate breakfast walking I heard thuds, squish’es, yelling, and I am pretty sure some cursing as one of the Urukahi fell in the water (May he rest in Peace…if he can)  and not to your surprise we started running as fast as we could, Legolas expertly running backwards carrying Merry and shooting arrows, Gimli was huphing and puffing and Saraleen was carrying us (meaning Pip and me).  After that when we had to stop or you know…end up dying of exhaustion anyway, and I must say Saraleen, Gimli and Legolas were in the best form because they…the Urukahi, were…welllll…to put it blankly dead plain d-e-a-d.  There was around twenty of them and a couple of orcs.  And after that…stimulating…episode in my story, I must go, or Gimli  will never forgive me, he got slightly hurt in the fight, an Urukahi hit him with his axe thingy on his arm, thankfully it didn’t go deep, but we hobbits have a good herbal medicine for cuts, even better than the elves remedy for it Saraleen said. 🙂


Saerwen the exhausted.


A Day in Hobbiton #51

My dear neglected friends,

  I am very sorry for not posting sooner but so many things have happened since I left…so let me see…were in Middle Earth do I start…Oh Shiver me toadstools I can’t think proper at all.  You see while I was gone…I was captured by orks, and they gave me this nasty…well I am getting ahead of myself. 

The day I left was they day…you know….the orks got nasty.  We knew some had been following us, but we never stopped to think that they might follow us into the Marshes (which is where we are now. 🙂   Well I was being ever so stupid and decided to lag behind a bit because I was pooped.   So WHOOSH I was nabbed from behind and gagged.  Since orks are just a bit bigger then me they lifted my like a feather and threw me over the shoulders—which wouldn’t have been so bad,but they wore this spiky armor that pinched—I couldn’t do anything at all and I just hopped that my friends would notice an important part of the group was missing *haughty sniff that turns into a sneeze* the orks continued to follow them, me kicking all the way, and  Pip was actually the one to discover my disappearance, at first they all thought I was down with the old *shudders* but no, I am up with the young that looks like the old.   But Legolas knew he would have heard a splash and he didn’t.  So that is when he turned around and pierced the darkness with his ever so keen elvish eyes and saw us.  The orks were quickly…um…disposed of. 🙂  And me being the silly hobbit I am, drank some of their stuff thinking it was water, that is until I swallowed a gulp, I was instantly wishing I was dead for a moment.  Saraleen gave me something and that helped.  Merry said he never had anything to help him get over it after he drank some. 🙂    And some other things happened but I think I should save them for my next post…just to keep you on end *pretend evil laugh* :).

Farewell my lovely friends,

Saerwen the Tuckered


A Day in Hobbiton #50

I finally made it, half way to a hundred posts. I know it isn’t a lot but for a small hobbit it seems like a WHOLE lot.  You probably don’t really want to know were we are right now, in a forest, nearing the Marshes, and it is dank, dark, smelly, dirty, rooty, and is a very tight squeeze, even Legolas, who is the thinnest of our group this moment, has trouble getting in and out of the dirty great roots.  We hobbits don’t have such a hard time, we crawl, but you can just imagine how we look.  Pippins arm is doing better, he can crawl well enough, he just has to go behind us. 🙂  Gimli is struggling, and Mr. Bill went of somewhere, I hope he is alright,  I certainly believe he is trying to find his way around, we have his food. 😉  Oh and since I am on the subject, have any of you been in a forest, crawling and typing at the same time?  If you have, you have some awesome muscles, I don’t this is killing me.  I don’t think I will be able to use my hands, arms, and back for days…*loud thonk*….OW…sorry, bumped my head on a dirty great root.   I can’t wait to wash off, oh wait…we can’t wash of in the Marshes, or we go down to be with the humans and elves ancestors, you know…how could something so majestic as an elf, end up looking like that when he is dead…Just one of those things I don’t like to muddle over but I do anyway. 🙂  I better go now before my fingers fall off.




A Day in Hobbiton #49

Bless my mushrooms!  I haven’t been on here in forever!  I am so sorry everybody, My deepest apologies!  You see, I dropped my computer off of Mr. bill and it well…broke, Gimli finally fixed it last night while I was sleeping.  He is such a…well…I will defy Gimli and say this…He is such a doll!  There said it and I won’t take it back. 🙂  Just playing with Gimli there, sorry. 🙂   I hope you all have had a wonderful um…12 days since I left. 🙂  We are in a very rocky mountain place. We had to climb down a hill, (which was fun) but Pippin fell five feet down and landed on his elbow, Saraleen took care of that, it was badly bruised and a little bone cracked, but he was a very big hobbit and only sniffed.   Mr. Bill is doing fine, it was kinda hard getting him down the hill, we all had to lower him down by the ropes, which he hated, and when we got down, we couldn’t find him for three house, we finally found him under a crevice.  Legolas, is doing exceptionally well,  he says Aragorn is going to meet us half way, so he will meet us at the Marshes.   Merry is doing fine, he is very worried about Pips elbow though.   I had better go now, it looks like rain. 🙂


Saerwen (soon to be)  The Soaked


A Day In Hobbiton #48

Well here I am, healthy, happy and tired. 🙂  We started out yesterday from the Prancing Pony (which we were all sorry to leave) and Mr. Bill is as fit as can be, he looks so much healthier now. 🙂   Legolas is the only one not feeling “top-notch” as you would say, he has a headache. 🙂  Mostly caused by two rambunctious hobbits I won’t name, and no, I am not either of the two. 🙂  Saraleen says that they just have a lot of energy from being sick and laying down the last few days.  Legolas says he thinks they turned into little nasty orks, he didn’t say it that way of course, he had to drag it out.  Gimli is fully contented with life I think, he hasn’t said anything nasty about elves anyway.   I have better to now, Mr. Bill does not like the sound of typing. 🙂