A Day in Hobbiton #57

06 Nov

Dear friends of the earthen realm, greetings and salutations!

     Did you here that Sir Peter Jackson is back in middle earth? He is quite a nice man.  Unfortunately in the history he is telling though, we are not born yet.  But don’t worry Legolas is going to be in it.  He is born. 

    Anyway, Merry and Pip came over this afternoon in a big rush and gave me sixteen tomatoes, six potatoes, seven cabbage, and a bag of mushrooms then quickly and left me holding the bag. Pardon the pun.  Anyway, not a minute had passed when Farmer Magot knocked on the door, and since I am not thick in the head, I was wise enough not to answer it, but my Mum didn’t know about the “drop off” and answered it.  Lets just say she and I were both educated on the fine art of cussing when he saw me holding the cabbage.  Mum said that he is quite a vulgar farmer to his face, then we had another ten minute class, until I grabbed the broom and Mum and I beat him out the door, throwing (to Merry and Pippin’s great disappointment) the food out after him.

     So as you can see, he had quite a doozy of an afternoon.  I am teaching my younger sister Flora how to sew, I must say she is born to do it.  Her little fingers are getting quite used the our rather large needles. I am also teaching Gimli and Legolas, who stop by a lot, how to grow mint and parsley.  Legolas catches on quickly but Gimli’s keeps dying.  He says he has a grey thumb for rocks, not a green one for plants.  Legolas and I both agree.

    Faramir stopped by on one of his journeys around Middle Earth for a day.  It was good to see him again. He has three children now, and his wife is doing great.  He says that Arwen is doing great to, and is learning to talk a bit more loudly for the sake of the terrible acoustics in Gondor.

   Farewell my friends until later,



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Posted by on November 6, 2011 in A day in hobbitton, Fun


One response to “A Day in Hobbiton #57

  1. melanie

    November 10, 2011 at 4:29 am

    Wouldn’t you be afraid of the food that came from a farmer named Magot? I’m just sayin’…..



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