A Day in Hobbiton #51

17 Oct

My dear neglected friends,

  I am very sorry for not posting sooner but so many things have happened since I left…so let me see…were in Middle Earth do I start…Oh Shiver me toadstools I can’t think proper at all.  You see while I was gone…I was captured by orks, and they gave me this nasty…well I am getting ahead of myself. 

The day I left was they day…you know….the orks got nasty.  We knew some had been following us, but we never stopped to think that they might follow us into the Marshes (which is where we are now. 🙂   Well I was being ever so stupid and decided to lag behind a bit because I was pooped.   So WHOOSH I was nabbed from behind and gagged.  Since orks are just a bit bigger then me they lifted my like a feather and threw me over the shoulders—which wouldn’t have been so bad,but they wore this spiky armor that pinched—I couldn’t do anything at all and I just hopped that my friends would notice an important part of the group was missing *haughty sniff that turns into a sneeze* the orks continued to follow them, me kicking all the way, and  Pip was actually the one to discover my disappearance, at first they all thought I was down with the old *shudders* but no, I am up with the young that looks like the old.   But Legolas knew he would have heard a splash and he didn’t.  So that is when he turned around and pierced the darkness with his ever so keen elvish eyes and saw us.  The orks were quickly…um…disposed of. 🙂  And me being the silly hobbit I am, drank some of their stuff thinking it was water, that is until I swallowed a gulp, I was instantly wishing I was dead for a moment.  Saraleen gave me something and that helped.  Merry said he never had anything to help him get over it after he drank some. 🙂    And some other things happened but I think I should save them for my next post…just to keep you on end *pretend evil laugh* :).

Farewell my lovely friends,

Saerwen the Tuckered


2 responses to “A Day in Hobbiton #51

  1. Vellvin

    October 18, 2010 at 7:30 am

    I’ve missed you!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad your back! Keep posting. You’ve got me on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!

    • Saerwen

      October 21, 2010 at 11:26 am

      I missed you too!!!!! 🙂 Thank you! I will. 🙂


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