A Day in Hobbitton #45

16 Aug

We are off the cliff *waves hand in front of face*  That was something I hope I never have to do again!  And guess what, I saved the best news for last,  Legolas, Saraleen, and Gimli are here now! WHOOHOO *quickly does a hobbit jig* and it was such a happy reunion!  Legolas is very happy with Saraleen and visa versa. 🙂  And Gimli is as swee..I mean, NOBLE as ever. 🙂  Almost let that one slip. 🙂  Lembas bread is for dinner, we decided to wait on the chicken. 🙂  Gimli, Merry, and Pippin are all having a smoking contest, and if you do not know what a smoking contest is, it is when you see, how many shapes you can make with the smoke in a certain amount of time, it is really jolly when fifteen competitors are doing it, all the shapes get muddled up into one big blimp. 🙂 




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