A Day in Hobbitton #39

10 Aug

Packing, don’t you just love that word!  *sigh*  I am so happy I could just burst!  My Mum sent a Griffin (that befriended her when it brought me home)  to take a message to Legolas to send back the recipe for Lumbas Bread, she got it and is now in the process of making a lot.  Pip said he would rather eat mushrooms (and I agree) but Lumbas Bread is good too.  Saraleen, sent a message back with the recipe saying she can’t wait to see us, and Gimli sent a bottle of malt beer for my Father to try, my Dad took a small sip and said he liked it but only for special occasions. 🙂  I leave early the day after tomorrow, Pip and Merry are sleeping on our couch tonight so we call all hop out and meet Legolas, Saraleen, and Gimli halfway, we will be traveling by ourselves for two days, so my Father said that when I am done, he is going to give me another sword lesson. 🙂

Farewell, Got to finish my packing,


Oh and…yes, I have to were those awful pants again…


2 responses to “A Day in Hobbitton #39

  1. QueenAravis

    August 10, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Have Fun! 🙂 Sorry ’bout the pants 😦 lol

    • Saerwen

      August 10, 2010 at 10:32 pm

      Thank you! And Thank you again, I shall have to um..bare up under the itch of it.


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