A Day in Hobbitton #37

09 Aug

I um…had a VERY bad day, you see it all started when Pip and Merry and I decided, we were quite due for…a…visit to Farmer Magots crop. Everything was going fine, we had mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots.  Quite a haul for my second time, anyway, we were halfway through, when the dog started chasing us, we ran (of course) that is THEY ran, I fell and tripped like Frodo always did, and the dog caught my skirt ripped the hem, then Farmer Magot caught me by the back of my dress and hauled me up so his nose was touching mine (his breath smelled like Tobacco by the way) and he was none to pleased with me, so he took me to his house put me in a sack and carried me all the way through Hobbitton (how degrading) until he reached my house then he dropped my like a sack of nothing onto the cobble stone walk way, and walked off, so until my Mum found me hopping around in the tied sack, I pretty much stayed in the same spot.  She was not to happy with me, and my Dad said he was going to give me running lessons. 🙂




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