A Day In Hobbitton #35

05 Aug

NOW I can tell you about the castle Pip and I found. We were riding old Bill (who showed up in Hobbitton around two years ago)  and we were, I guess, around fifteen miles from ‘ome.  We stumbled on an old sign pointing north, south and west (why did they leave out east?) and we took bets (and I *sniff* won hands down) so I picked south.  We rode about three miles more, then we came  upon the Castle!  It is so lovely, and magical, and deserted, and it is all ours! 🙂  Pip and I came back the next day with food, and explored the place.  We found, old OLD gowns, and shoes, and axes, and not to mention coins dating back to who knows when, they were all to faded.  As you saw in the post below, it was covered in ivy. Anyway that is all I have to say ’bout it.  Back to my Hobbitton, working in the tavern is jolly that is for sure!  All the men hobbits laughing their heads off, playing cards, and dice (I happen to be very good at that one) because yesterday, they needed another  hobbit, so they picked me.  I beat them all, they probably let me win, but Still! 🙂




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