A Day in Hobbitton #34

31 Jul

I am Back!!  I am right now in the meadow.  Really, since I left I mean, Hobbitton hasn’t changed a bit, old Farmer Magot is back to normal (chasing us that is), Frodo Baggins relatives are as greedy as usually, all  my friends haven’t grown at all, my little sister well…she has changed a little, she found a pair of Fathers shears and well, got to it basically, cutting of her hair, so now she has nice little tufts.  Pippin had an exciting thing happen to him a couple days ago, he ran right into Farmer Magots dog…you can imagine the rest I guess, he high tailed it out of there (putting his knees to the breeze).  Mum is doing fine, baking bread right now, happy to have me ome an all.  Merry, Pip and I sat and talked about our trip, and our adventures for HOURS, belive me HOURS!  He had a lot to go over.  Right now I am missing my friends from the trip.  Opfully  we will be going on a trip again soon. 🙂  If one comes my way that is…Anyow, we went and saw Rosie and elped her with her gardening.  As you can see, by my accent, Sam is rubbing of on me. 🙂  Soon I will be working in our Tavern, I am a little to young to elp with anything else, so I will be washing mugs, and waiting  on elderly hobbits.  🙂




2 responses to “A Day in Hobbitton #34

  1. Saraleen

    August 4, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Working in the tavern? Sounds like fun!

    • Saerwen

      August 5, 2010 at 12:04 am

      It is, even if it is just washing mugs. 🙂


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