A Day In Hobbitton 16#

11 Apr

Busy Busy Busy!  We spent the night in Moria (as I said before) and well, I can’t rate it five stars (whatever that means) but I can say that is the most comfortable place in the world, for a skeleton.  So that means it is not at all comfortable, I’m sure I hit my head on my pillow (a very comfy rock) five times! Gimli says I need to get used to rock pillows.  Tomorrow we will be in the Golden Wood and then walk to the Argonath.  I hope to meet the elf that Gimli  said was almost as pretty and Galadrial and that Legolas even looked a little shocked at when he saw her beauty.  He said she had curly blond hair (rare for an elf I guess) and was down to earth and had a really good sense of humor.  Hmmmmm…she sounds like my type of elf! 🙂

The picture above is a picture my oldest sister drew, it is her favorite spot in the whole Shire, (mine too 🙂  Here is her blog address She just got her first laptop. 🙂    Walk walk walk…Legolas says we will be near the bridge of  Khaza-dûm (did I spell that right? If I didn’t, that’s what is sounds like).  *drum beating*

Me: Legolas, what is that?

Legolas:  An eerie sounds slips through my bones, I sense danger…blood will be spilt today.

Me:  You’re not exactly a ray of sunshine today, are you?

Gimli: He never is!

Pippin: RUN!

Merry: RUN!

Legolas: RUN!!!!!!!!

Gimli: RUN!!


We are right now running away from that “eerie sound”  *whizz thong* 


Gimli:  Don’t stop and gawk at it, RUN!

Me: OKAY!!

Legolas: *shoots arrow*

Me:  *watches arrow and sees where it lands*  YOU MISSED, LEGOLAS!

Leoglas:  WHAT!!? ‘TIS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Gimli: We better run if Legolas has lost his shooting knack!

Legolas:  I agree!!!! *runs even faster*

Pippin:  Why is Legolas running so fast?

Merry:  I guess he found out that I stuck the worm in his hair.

Gimli: We have reached the bridge!!

Me: You’re KIDDING! We have to cross that humongous hole?

Legolas: *nods and tosses me over to the other side*

Me: *land on my stomach with a groan*

Legolas:  Catch Gimli, Saerwen!


Gimli: *flies over and lands on top of me*

Me: ….ow…

Merry: Coming over!

Pippin: Me too!!

Merry: MUST you always copy me!?

Pippin: ….

Legolas:  Catch me now!

All of us:  WHAT!?

Legolas: *Gets a running start and lands on us all*

Me: Hey, I didn’t feel a thing!

Gimli: That’s because the only thing of any weight on him is his quiver!

We are now safe and we are outside, I am afraid to say blood has been spilt today, I scraped my knee, bad.  But Legolas says that Aragorn tought him stuff stop the bleeding and clean it.  Well, today sure has been fun!  I just hope that Lothlorien isn’t like this! ^_^




4 responses to “A Day In Hobbitton 16#

  1. Me

    April 11, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Wonderful adventures! Love the drawing!

    • Saerwen

      April 12, 2010 at 12:06 pm

      Thank You! 🙂 You are REALLY good at drawing. 😉

  2. NarnianElf

    April 12, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Loving the story! It’s just getting better and better!

    P.S thanks for the description 😀

    • Saerwen

      April 12, 2010 at 9:40 pm

      Thank YOU!!! 🙂 Your Welcome! 🙂


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