A Day In Hobbitton #12

05 Apr

We are near the mountains and I think that we will be in them by nightfall.  Guess what I decided to do?  I am starting to make a map of my journey with all the ins and outs!  I hope it works…I am having to use make shift ink (also known as wine) for it.   Did you know it is hard to type and walk…so I found a rather (if I do say so myself) ingenious way to be able to do both.  First:  I sit on Legolas’s shoulders.  Two:  I get out my laptop.  Three:  I set it on his head and away I go! 🙂  I now have a headtop! Anyway, we encountered a weird man today…he walked with a limp and he spoke with a lisp.  He walked up to Pip and said…”My dear little hobbit friend (he sounded like a really bad door- to- door salesman)  you look like you are tired and hungry!”  Pip: Actually we just had second breakfast so I am good for about hour, thanks!”  Weird Creepy Man:  Oh, but I have a nice apple for you!  (this set Merry in stitches for some reason)  Pip:  I have had enough apples in my lifetime, thank you.”  Weird creepy man:  Oh well *trots off*

  Then we all stare blankly at him as he starts off and starts singing a song off-key.  I thought that he was the weirdest man would ever have met, but Legolas says I will probably meet weirder people someday.  Merry said I already knew Pip, and that is when they got into a fight ^_^   Oh well, the day is half gone so I will probably be posting later.  Do you think I should call this trip A Day In Gondor or just stick with this one?

Farwell my dear elf/human/dwarf/hobbit friends,



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2 responses to “A Day In Hobbitton #12

  1. Vellvin

    April 5, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I like a day in Hobbittion better than a day in Gondor. besides it’s sounds your a hobbit on a journy if you changed it I would probaly keep thinking your someone from Gondor!

    • saerwenn

      April 6, 2010 at 5:10 pm

      True…I will keep a day in hobbitton. 🙂


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