A Day In Hobbitton #9

24 Mar

Legolas sure can sing sad songs….even if I don’t understand the words…they are sad.  He sang as we ate dinner last night.  I went to sleep sobbing my head off. That is when Gimli begged him to stop…(hint: Gimli can’t stand the sound of sobbing).  This morning he sang a happy song…I think it was happy at least…or it was a sad song with a very happy tune…?  Anyway…we have gone in these last two days I think around twenty-five miles.  And I have only had to get carried once! 🙂  Wait until Dad hears about that. (I am known as a very slow walker)  *hehe* Pippin ran into a tree today! 🙂  I hope he nose heals right.  Legolas said it looked broken…brilent observastion. 🙂  Pippin said it might make him look like Merry and Merry gave him a shove for that. 🙂  Pippins pants are so itchy!  I am going to be happy when I can get back into a dress! 🙂  I am loving every minute of this so far…except the sad songs and pants. 🙂  I might have to cut this thing short because it is my turn to cook lunch today.  Sam gave Merry the best salt in all the Shire…so…I think I will find a nice fat rabbit…wait we have Gimli with us so that will have to be THREE fat rabbits and roast them and make a salty honey glaze.  YUM! 🙂  I hope it turns out…I have never made it before.  Tomorrow I  think I will put up some more pictures that Pippin painted. 🙂



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