A Day In Hobbitton #8

23 Mar

We set out early (VERY early) this morning.  It was I think about four o clock when we left.  Legolas looked ready to go, Pippin and Merry we very hyper and me and Gimli lagged behind wishing were were back in bed. 🙂  We stopped and ate breakfast at around eight and then set out again.  Pippin said we only get to eat THREE MEALS A DAY!!!!!  Oh well…I guess a little starvation never hurt and human but a HOBBIT?  Nope. 🙂  Well Pippin and Merry survived.  They are telling me all about the journey and the ring.  It is very exciting I think.  Gimli adds bits and pieces were he saved the day.   They just finished telling me about Helms Deep.  Poor Haldir…he must have been a nice guy…sorry…elf.   We had a small accident on one of the hills.  Me and Merry were at the top and Pippin ran up looking and talking to Legolas behind him and he ran into us so we slid for I think about a mile.  *grins*  Then Legolas ran up and Gimli ran into him and they both fell…have you ever seen an elf tumble?  It is an amazing sight, they look all calm and peaceful while they get bumped around and yet it is a very graceful bump.  Me on the other hand looked like a…a…hobbit falling. 🙂  Then everything went to normal, as normal as it can get under the circumstances.  Legolas’s hair remains to be perfect in ever detail, we all have clumps of leaves in ours.  Pippin landed in a puddle so he is kind trying to stay in the sun as much as possible.  *Hehe*  It sure has been an exciting day.  I am very happy my laptop didn’t break, that would have been expensive.  Gimli says we will be going through Moria…You would think they would have learned not to go down there but since they said we aren’t going to stop only to sleep, I guess we will be okay.  Legolas says that Pippin will be under close guard all the way though the mines.  I heard when I was a pip squeak that Gandalf went into that place and lived to tell about for some years…until he went back that is.   Merry said that Gandalf rose from the grave…They didn’t even bury him so how could he have risen from the grave!?   I think risen from the dead is the most proper way to put it.  🙂  We will see what tomorrow holds!



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