A Day In Hobbitton #6

19 Mar

Well, Pippin could be better, that is just about all I can say for him, he now has a fever but he isn’t sniffing anymore. 🙂  He says to tell you all that he is really sorry but he just won’t be able to do anything for at least a week (for your time that will be until tomorrow)   Today, I went to visit Pippin (naturally) and then went to Frodo Baggins relatives house and they served cake and a whole lot of other stuff.  Well anyway,  Merry and Pippin and me have been talking (buckle your seatbelt…whatever that is) and we decided we are going to Gondor.  It will be quite a journey but Gimli and Legolas said they would go with us.  We are leaving in a couple of days, don’t worry, I will keep you all informed about what is happening. 🙂   Merry said we will meet Strider and Arwen and Faramir and Eomer and Eyown.  I don’t know most of those people but Merry said I would like them.   I am so happy and excited! 🙂   


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Posted by on March 19, 2010 in A day in hobbitton


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