A Day In Hobbitton #4

16 Mar

Time: 5:00 pm


Oh my goodness,

I am STUFFED!   We had a nice big lunch for Legolas and Gimli before they left, I will miss them, but to go back to the food,  We had every nice thing imaginable,  they didn’t serve the pickled mushrooms this time though, I think Legolas was happy about that.  Pippin, Merry and I danced and sang for them and the people there,  I think Gimli cracked a rib laughing so hard when, Pippin bumped in to Merry and fell down and Merry bumped into me and my head landed in the punch bowl!  That was a just a little embarrassing but everybody laughed in the end.    My Father also played his fiddle and everybody got to here the tale of Bilbo Baggins and the Dragon.  That story really never gets old.  Sam told it to us, I think he had Gimli enthralled with the story.  Then after the meal and singing and all, we had tea time,  Legolas liked the tea but Gimli asked for a certain drink of which I never drink.   Then after all the celebration they said their goodbyes.  But, they said they would come around sometime soon, oh…I can’t wait until then.  Pippin said we should be expecting someone of importance soon and I think he was telling a fib, I mean who could He of ALL hobbits know someone of importance?  Oh well we will find out soon enough! 🙂



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