A Day With A Red Headed Hobbit #

08 Mar

Time:  5:00

The grass is sure green today,  except in the one spot right in front of my house, there was a small fire there this morning.  I am not sure exactly how it happened but, I am pretty sure it had something to do with Pippin and his pipe.  Well, it will grow back soon enough.  I just feel sorry for Pippin, he lost some hair on his foot because he stomped it out with it.  *hehe*  But anyway, Legolas and Gimli helped with it,  and it was out in no time, but Gimli decided that his beer would put it out…nope…it grew a little, that is when Pippin decided to use his foot.  Right now my Father is playing a song on his fiddle, and in ten minutes Pippin and Merry and I are going to show Legolas and Gimli around.  I hope they enjoy the forest, and the raspberries and the little pond!  Oh my…it will be so fun.  

Gimli:  Are we going yet Saerwen?

Me:  Yes, I just need to finish this!

Gimli:  Legolas and I are impatient!

*Legolas walks in*

Legolas: And since when have I been impatient?

Gimli: Since I told you to be so, now come on lets go.

Me:  Okay.

Well I got to go now,




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